Electric Heart

😱 Super excited about these #mickey #minnie machines @chris_quidgeon made!!! #mine


Teeny strawberry for mega babe @paigeacannady 🍓


#lisafrank inspired dolphin by Alex Strangler

"Ralph me up! (Wiggums that is)" - androol-tinez

"where can i get a tattoo by you!!" - playing-withfire

I’m currently on the road and you can see my travel updates on my Instagram, but I am based out of Los Angeles. The shop is The Dolorosa Tattoo Co. in Studio City.

"Comments on Instagram: Most offensive. Creepiest. Funniest." - Anonymous

Most offensive: Someone called me a scratcher. Recently.

Creepiest: Two guys commenting back and forth about cutting my body parts off.

Funniest: A girl called me a fat and said my ass is made of bean burritos.


Super stoked to announce I will be tattooing at the first ever Sanrio/Hello Kitty tattoo convention in celebration of the precious kitty cat’s 40th anniversary. It’s going to be a 4 day event in Los Angeles. I am so excited and honored Sanrio has asked me to join them along with some crazy talented tattooers. Words cannot express what a dream this is for me. Please visit Sanrio.com for more info and to buy tickets to the event. You won’t want to miss it!

"If you were home alone in the middle of the night, and you heard a fart, would you laugh or be scared?" - Anonymous

I’m the idiot that will hysterically laugh out lout just to make the farter super embarrassed

"I would literally die if I could just take you out to dinner one time...." - Anonymous

I must warn you though, I’m VERY passionate about food.

"Did you always have such clean, steady lines? I'm an apprentice and I'm just having a hard time looking into the future. Practice makes perfect I guess?" - chloberto

My drawings used to look like this:

I’ve only slightly improved.

Practice makes better, not perfect.

"I can recognize your work anywhere. You're like a Picasso to me why?" - artofwill

"Yea and u smell! POSER" - tattoosbyanya

PS….I know where you live

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