Electric Heart

#Rilakkuma #sanx (at The Dolorosa Tattoo Company)

Fun little walk-in on a lady all the way from Switzerland #dolorosatattoo (at The Dolorosa Tattoo Company)

A baking tattoo. Thank you, Natalia!

Also now available for purchase on my Etsy. Link is on my profile. These will be out for shipping beginning Wednesday and I have only put up a limited number on my store. Thanks for looking! (at Etsy.com/shop/AlexStrangler)

First one back in Los Angeles. Thanks, Nicole! #dolorosatattoo (at The Dolorosa Tattoo Co.)


Who remembers #lizziemcguire?!! #hilaryduff @taylorstreettattoo  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)

Books are closed until further notice.

#Meow @taylorstreettattoo  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)

Hot air balloon @taylorstreettattoo  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)

This little lady drive 13 hours to get this #sailormoon piece by me. Thank you!  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)

Little seashell on Corie @taylorstreettattoo  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)

First one at @taylorstreettattoo  (at Taylor Street Tattoo)



Everyoneโ€™s art makes me feel like I suck at it so much.

Thatโ€™s the way it should be

A small #Kokeshi on @rockovega ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’š

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